Moving to a New State Guide, Checklist & Tips

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Moving to a new stateMoving to a new state often feels like moving to a different country. The very thought of moving can send you in panic and give you the chills. Yet keep in mind that good planning and moving to a different state checklist will help you stay on track and fit in your budget. There are things you have to consider when moving to a new state, but the most important is how to save on moving cost. Planning a move and hiring professional cross-country movers have to lead you to saving money and receiving quality service. To achieve this you have to organize your move and find a reliable moving company. Having expert help at your disposal is especially going to be of advantage to you if you are moving long-distance like from Las Vegas to New York or Denver to Philadelphia.

Moving to a New State What to Do? – Plan your move!

Moving is quite a challenge and it requires many efforts in order to make it smooth. Moving to a new state is even a harder test transplants need to pass with as little mistakes as possible, in order to save money, time and headaches. So, here are some factors to consider when planning yours out of state relocation because being prepared is important to make it successful.

  • Visit the state before moving.
  • Learn about housing and career opportunities.
  • Get the facts about the cost of living.
  • Research the economy of the state, real estate market and taxes.
  • Find a job before moving to a new state.
  • Visit all neighborhoods to which you consider moving.
  • Find the most affordable and compare with your requirements.
  • Find your best place to live and check buying and renting options.
  • Determine your moving budget and start saving.
  • Research movers and read reviews online, ask friends and family
  • Get a few moving estimates from different moving companies
  • Find ways how to cut your moving cost effectively.

Planning is always the key to successful outcome in most activities. Sure we can’t plan everything and things happen, but moving is one of the big challenges we can actually plan and have executed properly. It all depends on our involvement in the process and our readiness to get things done the right way. In order to do that you simply need to follow the beaten path, or our moving to a new state tips.  When moving to a new state besides the major research you need to do, you will have to concentrate on the basics of planning and preparation.

You should be aware of your state to state moving options. You can go and hire movers to do the whole move for you end to end or you can save more money by doing all the packing, moving, loading and driving by yourself. When moving interstate, having professionals to do the relocation is always a good idea, while when moving in-town or city to city within the same state can be done without the need of a moving company.

Checklist for Moving to a New State

When the time for moving approaches, you will need a basic checklist to keep you organized. Moving to a different state employs even more effort and more little details that can turn over the car when not considered. Our moving checklist will get you started and help you stay organized at all stages of your cross-country moving. Some things may seem like no-brainers, but when the time comes having all on paper will help you be proactive and get things done in advance.

Moving to a different state checklist

Before moving to a different state, go and visit your new place. Walk around the city and look for an apartment near your new job.

  • Check all rooms and separate items you should get rid of.
  • Get moving boxes and start packing; put labels on all boxes.
  • Get your own inventory of your household before getting moving quotes.
  • Check for items that needs special wrapping and packing when moving.
  • Request a few moving estimates and compare prices and services.
  • Research moving companies, ask for references and read moving reviews.
  • Define a moving budget and talk to movers about that.
  • Don’t hire the moving company that gives you the lowest quote.
  • Get moving supplies as most moving companies charge extra.
  • Reserve an elevator if moving out or in to an apartment building.
  • Ask the movers for any prohibited items.
  • If moving with pets, arrange their transportation.
  • Stop buying stocks of food, as you should use up all you have before moving.
  • Call for accounts cancel and change of with all institutions and suppliers.
  • Have some cleaning supplies to clean up your old home after the move.
  • Have some cash handy on moving day to tip your movers.
  • Have  supplies of drinks and water for you and the movers.
  • Review the bill of lading prior to signing it and ask if you don’t understand it.
  • Compile all your copies of the paperwork and keep them safe for references and moving tax deductions.
  • Ask for drivers’ numbers to keep track of delivery date and time.
  • Put together a bag pack of personal essentials you will need for the first day in the new home.
  • Get all of your valuables (cash, jewelery, etc.) by yourself.

These are techniques proven working to help you organize and shift to your new home. Our moving to a new state advice article will help you start off the new life in the new home smoothly and without wondering what is happening with your mail. This moving to a new state guide will help you feel in control even in one of the most chaotic moments in life – moving to a new home. Reducing the chaos and stress to a minimum when relocating out of state is essential to help you stay sane and will guarantee that you will start receiving your mail, and will have access to your email the day you move to your new home.

Good luck and let us know if you need any help or would like to add anything to our moving to a different state guide.

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